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What Keeps Us Going

To be able to see God's grace realized in the life of His child is such a tremindous blessing. Time after time we hear testimonies from those who have received a blessing as they have attended the LONGVUE BAPTIST CHURCH. Come and see.


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Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves

Our current leaders have been volunteering in the service of the Lord for many years, and they possess an incredible ability to lead, inspire and care for those under their leadership.


With the many years of ministry experience among them, our leaders provide LONGVUE BAPTIST CHURCH with the inspiration and direction to keep the work of the Lord moving forward expanding in new areas based on our community's needs.

Pastor Brian Fisher

   Greetings one and all. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope it will not only be informative but enjoyable as well.

   I was born in Seneca, South Carolina and raised in Hendersonville, North Carolina. At the age of  fifteen, through a series of events, I ended up in the great state of Texas. Later, I would meet and marry my wife, Melody. Our introduction to the Lord was brought about by a visit by some men of a church in the area. My wife received Christ and I made a profession. We began to attend the South Ft. Worth Baptist Temple in Nov. of 1989. I did not get saved however until March of 1994. God called me into the ministry and at the age of twenty-six (Nov. 1995), our Church founded the Baptist Rescue Mission at which I became director. I served the Lord in the Homeless Ministry for a little over thirteen years. Then, in March of 2008, I was called to Pastor the Longvue Baptist Church here in west Ft. Worth. We will soon celebrate eight years of ministry here at Longvue and are looking forward to many more. Let me extend to each of you an invitation to come grow with us. Hope to see you soon.

                                                                             God bless you all and Thank you for your time


Russell Brock

Missionary / Beckenridge Texas

   I was born in Brunswick, Georgia in 1979. My family moved to Oklahoma when I was 3 yrs old. There, a church bus from Windsor Hills Baptist Church stopped by and signed my sister and me to ride the bus. Through a series of events, as God worked, my whole family was in church. I had the privilege to grow up in a Christian home. My father was a missionary. I had made a profession of faith as a child, but upon leaving high school, I left home and rebelled against all that was taught in my childhood. I became deeply involved in sin, but God wasn't done with me. I moved to Fort Worth, Tx, when I was at my lowest point. Having no place to go I entered into the program of the Baptist Rescue Mission directed by Brother Brian Fisher who is now my Pastor. I am grateful for the series of events that God allowed to happen in my life. God delivered me out of those addictions and strongholds and gave me another chance. I met my beautiful wife Lisa, and we have been married now for almost nine years. I am so thankful and grateful that God uses someone like me, and I can't wait to see how God will use me and my wife for His honor and glory as we strive to reach the people of Breckenridge Texas!!! Praise God!!!

Duane Kilman

Nursing Home Minister

  I am a native Fort Worth Texan, I grew up in SE Fort Worth and was raised in a strong Christian home and was saved at a young age. Shortly out of high school I began to run from God, but He was always in control of my life even though I didn't think so at the time. The Lord was gracious and forgiving and brought me through that time of rebellion to where I am today. I am a CNC Machinest by trade. I serve the Lord with gladness in what ever capacity that glorifies Him. We minister at three nursing homes per month. Myself and others take the message of Jesus Christ in word and song and conduct services to those not fortunate enough to go to their respective churches. We have had many saved at these services and that is a blessing to all that help in the ministry of the nursing homes.



Tammy Bryan

Nursery Administrator

   I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. When I was younger, I made a profession of faith but I did not attend church faithfully until I was 15 years old. I became a member of South Fort Worth Baptist Temple. I would later meet and then marry my husband, Bob Bryan. We married in 1998 and God has given us four wonderful children. In March of 2008 the Lord led us to Longvue Baptist where my husband and I along with our family, serve the Lord together. In February 2012, after a long time of struggle and doubt, I made sure of my Salvation. Since that time I've not had to question it again.

  I'm so glad God has given me the opportunity to serve as Nursery Director for these past two years (2011). We at Longvue strive to provide a loving, safe, as well as a fun and exciting environment for our children from birth to age three. I look forward to meeting you and your child.

                                                                              Thank you for your time

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